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An Introduction to Bicci (UK)

The logic behind the concept for the range of support systems

Introducing micco

We have reached the age when making serious recordings no longer requires large, expensive premises. Project studios and bedrooms are now popular places to make great recordings as recent chart successes can confirm. Nevertheless a smaller room means less space. Whilst computers and mixing desks have shrunk, the footprint of a standard microphone stand can still create space problems in a small studio.

Enter 'micco' A wall mounted fully adjustable microphone support.

When securely fixed to a suitable wall the 'micco' can do it's job neatly and efficiently. No need to dismantle out of the way, or assemble every time you require to record. Perfect for vocal, brass, violin, acoustic guitar etc. Over 600mm of adjustment means you can cater for Jarvis Cocker or a voice over from Bill Oddie.

The perforated aluminum curved vocal booth is lined in a premium acoustic foam and perfectly situated behind the mic to eliminate unwanted rebound frequency's to the mic (see pdf). Giving what we consider 'vocal booth' quality recordings. Built into the design is a neat and functional headphone hanger. Constructed using only the best materials, it's modern look will provide a lifetimes service to any home project studio or busy professional recording studio. 'micco' is a clever and simple design that is functional and affordable - check 'micco' out on our web site or contact your local dealer. (See stockists below)

Introducing ULTIMO

The wait is over. Finally a dedicated studio microphone support system designed from the ground up to cater for heavy, expensive condenser microphones. No tripod legs, no drooping boom arm, just a specific, well designed system to do an important job neatly and efficiently.

Manufactured 100% in the UK, it's quality, looks and performance will blow you away.

There are four in the range PRO-STUDIO - STUDIO - PROJECT - SupremE

Manufactured and distributed by Bicci (UK)

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Welcome To Bicci (UK)

The ultimate in studio support systems

On our website you will find the range of unique studio support systems manufactured by Bicci (UK). Our systems are fast becoming the first choice worldwide for stability and functionality.


In house design and construction

Any of our products can be adapted (within reason) to suit your needs. The ULTIMONITOR's can be manufactured to an exact height or colour scheme to suit your individual requirements.

Please contact us with any bespoke items you may require. 

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